Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dusting off Nellie for 2018

This year marks Nellies 10yr anniversary since she found her way to us!
Four years of restoration, six years of adventures  and 18,000 miles!

We have been dreaming and planning for our time on the road for the coming year.  We will be taking another extended trip this spring, almost 4 weeks long, can't wait! We are heading back to the Southwest again, not exactly sure where yet but hopefully towards Colorado Springs and the Great Sand Dunes National park, We will be following the nice weather.  We loved our trip last year and dream of a time when trips don't have to end!

The snow in Wisconsin has been flying way to much for this time of year!

Blizzard of Apr.14th- 14" and 40mph winds

Of coarse we had to go out to eat with friends, it wasn't to busy in Baldwin! Surprised the were open!
7 days later it's sunny and 50+ degrees and most of this white stuff is gone!

Jan and I have both had many changes to our jobs some very good and some a little more challenging:-) Jan has more time to concentrate on 4 little grand munchkins ages 6mo.-5yrs and I am adjusting to a new climate at work, it's hard to change my old ways of doing things
but I'n getting there!

Our travel preparations this year have included our normal spring cleanup, washing everything inside
 and reorganizing. Seems every year we take out more things, I always think I will have more time to just sit and read a magazine or carve a stick but we always seam to fill our days with endless exploring/hiking-can't seem to get enough of it!

Another option this year to make sure we can get out of Wisconsin!!!
Snowboards on the tires!
Hope the snow melts fast!

Last year we picked up a propane fired generator and carried an extra propane tank for it. This year we updated the 20# steel tanks that were mounted on the front of Nellie to 30# polished aluminum tanks. So the tanks look nice and should have enough capacity for the trailer and the generator if needed.

Also added a new Burkey water tank/filter that will give us good water wherever we are!

Each of the last 6 years I have removed a small box of "what if this happens fix-it parts"knock on wood we have been very fortunate for not having troubles. Every spring I go through all mechanical parts:wheels,tires,bearings and water/electric systems before hitting the road,
So far so good!

Last fall I picked up a new tow vehicle, a 1998 Chevy 3/4 ton suburban with a 454 engine. Over the
winter I had everything gone through. I think we are ready for the back country of Utah!
It will be interesting to see how the "Burbanator" performs!

This is before we got another 14" of snow!

It's time to leave the barn and find new adventures and friends down the road!

Jake and Henry are ready to go!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Out with 2017, Bring on 2018

We are Looking forward to another year of fun, adventure and exploring our great country.

We are planning on adding some new states and also visiting some old favorites!
Nellies first trip out west!
Nellies first boat ride!

Our family is growing!
It's hard for me to believe that I have 4 grandkids, how blessed we are to have two of them living under our roof and the other two living just 30 minutes away.
Life is good!
Meet Mr. Boone, now 2 months old.
 4 little angels! Nora-4, Helen-2, Juni-1 and Boone-2mos.

2017 we pulled the airstream about 6000 miles and spent 35 nights in our vintage Airstream.
From Wisconsin to Utah to the U.P. of Michigan and back to central Wisconsin.
We had some awesome camping spots!
And met some fun/interesting people.

In December we found a new Tow vehicle, better for hauling grand kids and 4legged kids!
1998 3/4ton suburban from California-It's in very nice condition, not sure she likes the cold of Wisconsin though! -20degrees this weekend she didn't want to go anywhere!
We ended the year with a nice getaway to Lake Superior with my Brother Bob and his wife Clare and my sister Barb and her husband Scott. A very nice weekend!

We came to Flood Bay to pay a tribute to my mom and dad. Dad passed away one year ago. They started  bringing us here when we were little kids, we've picked up a lot of agates there!
We brought a few agates back and pitched them back into the lake.
As a kid Mom and Dad traveled the country picking up rocks and this last summer I left a couple rocks at almost every campsite in there memory. I felt them watching over us the hole trip.
Happy New Year Mom and Dad! Miss ya!

Our lovely wives and sister below!
What will 2018 bring? New adventures await!
Keep Streamin!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thankful every day

It's hard some days to remember how much a person has to be thankful for???
In the middle of everyday life, the getting up early to go to work, the endless phone calls at work-never knowing what the next emergency our customers are going to have and if I have someone to fix it for them?? 
As hard as work is some days I am thankful I have a place to work. 
I feel like I have a new job as of Aug 1st this year. On that day my former boss announced that he had sold his company and introduced us to the new owner. After 30 years of working there I was not very happy to find out this way, it was a challenging day! The transition has gone pretty well and there is a new energy at work but I still don't feel very secure? About this same time my close friend and brother was let go to early retirement from his job of 40 years. One never knows what is in store for us the next day, all we can do is try to prepare for the storm. 

 Just getting in a car and heading out on the road is a risk.
The worry all of us have for the ones we care about, that they are safe, healthy and happy everyday.
So much goes on around us, it's amazing any of us make it!
I know there is a God to watch over us, for that is the only way I can believe this life holds together so well!
SO THANKFUL, For my wife, 2  favorite children, a favorite son-in-law and a favorite daughter-in-law, a fantastic family, a roof over my head and time to play in my shop and adventure in our airstream. 
 About a third of my family!
 The center of my life!

4 Grandchildren, proof of Gods love!

 Incredible parents watching over us from above!
 Great generations watching over us here!
 A roof over our heads

 A barn to play and make things in!

God's earth to explore!
 Mans best friend
 A piece  of heaven!

Looking forward to tomorrow and the next grand adventure!