Friday, July 31, 2009

County fair

Jan and I had a pretty relaxing time at the fair, this is our 3rd year running the campground. Its like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle some rigs are 35' long and some 15' long,We had 38 campers and 10 tents, it gets a little crowded but everyone has a good time. Early one morning I awoke to a group of people walking by our airstream saying that sure is a strange looking camper:)
Isaac and Ellie (just married 4 weeks ago) headed out to Wyoming to go to school for a year last week so it is pretty quiet around the house now with just Jan and I and Ben. We will be missing them:-( but we have a nice place to visit them for now,we hope to have them move back close when they are done wondering the country.
Here is a few more shots of the fair.

First trip(trial run)in the Cruiser

We did a lot of work on the Airstream over the last couple weeks to get the cruiser road worthy so we could camp in it at our local county fair. I waterproofed the inside as much as possible and put in the first layer of insulation, installed the back window and installed temporary tail lights. I knew it would still leak a little,they all leak:}The insulation worked well because it was hot enough that you could not touch the shell above the insulation. The aluminum tent was a little rough looking and looked very out of place to say the least but worked very well.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Could have been ours:(

This has got to have been the quietest day Jan and I have ever had, we just sat around with Dj, Amy and Amy's sister Nancy and talked and watched the dogs play.It was very nice and relaxing.

Now for the airstream story:
About 1995 DJ and Amy offered to give us this Airstream and we said no. They ended up selling it for $400.00. They were non-believers at the time and have now seen the error of their ways:-)The camper belonged to Amy's uncle and she doesn't think it was ever on the road.He lived in it full time but never used the plumbing, he had an outhouse until he moved to an assisted living apartment.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We have been having a great time here with DJ and Amy. Jan and I and DJ went to visit a place called Little Norway today by Mount Horeb,Wi. It started out as a Norwegian family homestead some 100 or so years ago, very interesting. Hard to believe what our ancestors did to settle here and survive. Also in Mt. Horeb is the world famous Mustard museum and The Grumpy Troll Cafe(great burgers).
After we returned home Jan and I went to the rally again to see if we could get inside any more vintage trailers or talk to any more owners. We did get to talk to a local man who was in the middle of his restoration. It is fun talking to someone that is going through the same steps as us, he has been at his project for 6 years. That was not very encouraging seeing that we are planning the maiden voyage for our in 2010.
We spent the evening visiting with DJ,Amy and Amy's sister Nancy from Florida, it was a very nice time. We had a great supper at the Hubbard Ave Diner, followed by a tour though the rally to show off all the aluminum and then on to Michael's Custard and home.
A few pics of the day:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

International Airstream Rally - Madison,Wi

Jan and I made it to the rally on Tuesday about 6:00pm and headed for the rally site, it was very cool to see all of trailers in one spot. We really did not know where to go or what to do so we just followed some people to the coliseum. At the door we found some security people to ask some questions to,since we are not wbcci members yet, they made some calls and got the ok to let us watch the proceedings for a while. It was very interesting to watch but not something we would get involved with at this time. We left for the night and came back Wednesday morning to look at more trailers and the vendor areas, Again we were surprised that there were not many vendors there, so no purchases made today. We did get to tour all the new trailers on display, that was cool!! Then we went to the vintage trailer area and walked thru, some very nice units!!
We ended up running into Frank with his AnnaAluminum trailer, he owns Franks Trailer Works and was real nice to talk to.We found this nice 18 footer for sale for $40,000,
hopefully he gets his money back out of it. He said that Colin hyde had done much of the restoration, Colin did a nice job.