Friday, November 24, 2017

Thankful every day

It's hard some days to remember how much a person has to be thankful for???
In the middle of everyday life, the getting up early to go to work, the endless phone calls at work-never knowing what the next emergency our customers are going to have and if I have someone to fix it for them?? 
As hard as work is some days I am thankful I have a place to work. 
I feel like I have a new job as of Aug 1st this year. On that day my former boss announced that he had sold his company and introduced us to the new owner. After 30 years of working there I was not very happy to find out this way, it was a challenging day! The transition has gone pretty well and there is a new energy at work but I still don't feel very secure? About this same time my close friend and brother was let go to early retirement from his job of 40 years. One never knows what is in store for us the next day, all we can do is try to prepare for the storm. 

 Just getting in a car and heading out on the road is a risk.
The worry all of us have for the ones we care about, that they are safe, healthy and happy everyday.
So much goes on around us, it's amazing any of us make it!
I know there is a God to watch over us, for that is the only way I can believe this life holds together so well!
SO THANKFUL, For my wife, 2  favorite children, a favorite son-in-law and a favorite daughter-in-law, a fantastic family, a roof over my head and time to play in my shop and adventure in our airstream. 
 About a third of my family!
 The center of my life!

4 Grandchildren, proof of Gods love!

 Incredible parents watching over us from above!
 Great generations watching over us here!
 A roof over our heads

 A barn to play and make things in!

God's earth to explore!
 Mans best friend
 A piece  of heaven!

Looking forward to tomorrow and the next grand adventure!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lake Michigan half circle

Our last big trip of 2017, 31 years ago in may1986 we camped our way over to Mackinac Island,Mi. We've been wanting to go back for a while and finally made it. Traveling is a little more comfortable now then the tent was then:-)
We spent our first night in the trailer park- Veterans campground/park Cameron Wi. 
Small quiet park!
The next day found us on Lake Michigan south of Escanaba at O.B. Fuller county park. 
I made these reservations 6 months earlier so we had a great campsite right on the beach!
The park was full but we had the beach to ourselves both morning and night, very nice place!

We stopped into the Escanaba lighthouse and museum for a quick tour.

The next stop was only about 1 1/2 hrs away but probably took us 6hrs the way we drive!
Fayette state park, the campground was ok but the old town site/steel mill was very interesting, such a different life they had 120yrs ago!
This town was built around a steel mill and was probably a pretty rough place to make a living!
We had the area almost to ourselves!
I hope floor in the upper bathroom didn't leak? This was on the back of the hotel.

It would be a pretty sweet spot to live now!
Hard to believe but this beautiful beach was the town dump!
It was called slag beach where they dumped all the leftovers from the steel furnaces, along with all the horse manure and town garbage.

I don't remember what town this was but it was a great place to stretch our legs on the way to Straits state park and the Mackinac Bridge.

Jan found the bridge:-)

We had a nice ferry ride to Mackinac Island on Shepler's Ferry, The dogs were very popular with all the other passengers.

Straits State Park, St.Ignice,Mi.
Another beach front campsite, I really wanted this one, this is the spot we stayed in 31 yrs ago on our honeymoon! No hookups for the trailer here but it was great! Our good airstreaming friends Brad and Jennifer met up with us there, the night was perfect!

Heading across the great Mackinac bridge, quite a bridge, better not be afraid of heights!
Driving on the metal grate of the bridge is a little strange!

Rest stop, fighting with Brad for a parking spot, He won!
Brad and Jennifer, finding treasures on the beach!
Just us:-)
Sleeping bear dunes National Park, it did not disappoint, very pretty area!
Miles of sandy beach to ourselves. 
My navigator! 

Jake checking out the sights, Henrietta was not so excited about it!
A couple of crazy people that keep following us!

We had lunch in Fishtown in Leland Mi. as we ate lunch we got to watch the salmon try to  jump up the waterfall/dam.

Still hanging out with this crazy couple!
I think Jennifer caught all the waves on this walk!
The waves were a sketchy on this walk! We had to watch for rouge waves!

Rock collections. Jennifer won!

Still in love after all the years!
Last night in Michigan, stayed at Poncho's pond rv resort in Ludington. This has to be the cleanest campground we have ever stayed in! Walking though the campground we came across a group of 10 busses, this classic was part of the group!
This was quite a fancy RV house on the edge of Poncho's!
SS Badger Ferry, built in 1953 to hall train cars across the lake, the ship is one year older then Nellie!
The Badger took us back to Wisconsin and saved us two days of driving.
Nellie goes on a 4hr cruise across Lake Michigan! The campers get backed onto the ship by the ships crew, it took 3 different drivers for Nellie before one was comfortable enough to do it:-)

A great day for a cruise!

Nellie with the dogs inside made the trip without a scratch!
We had great time, enjoyed many new places, found some good ice cream and Nellie and the truck gave us another fantastic adventure!
8 Nights and 1100miles
2017 totals:
36 nights and 5600miles
It's been a good year!

Keep Streaming!

Happy Birthday favorite daughter Ellie- 29 today!