Saturday, May 9, 2015

Eureka Springs, Arkansas with the girls!

Just got back from Eureka Springs with my wife, daughter and granddaughter age 2.  The airstream provided us with another great trip and our new to us 15 year old truck pulled Nellie without a complaint, much better then the underpowered suburban!
First night, Pilot Knob state park, nice park for a stop for lunch and a hike but not camping. I would not camp here again, most site are very uneven, I don't think you could have enough leveling blocks with!
Because of a family emergency we returned home, this was our only night camping on our first attempt at this trip.
Three weeks later, we tried again and everything went better, First night again, this time at Ledges state park. We love this park, we stayed here last year also.
Our two year old grand daughter seems very comfortable sleeping in Nellie! I think this may have to continue!
The main park road through Ledges crosses the stream four times, the water is only about 6 inches deep but with a little excessive speed it makes for a good photo opp. and washes the underside, no airstreams were damaged in this filming!
Our destination, Wanderlust campground in Eureka Springs Arkansas, Nice clean campground , we like it here this time of year, very quiet, in another month this campground and the rest of the town will be way to busy for us. So for now it's perfect.

 View from the top floor of the hotel!
Eureka is a very cool old town, endless shopping and lots of history. There is definitely more for us to explore!
We found Jesus!

Quigley's castle, More of a very interesting house with a lifetime collection of rocks than a castle but a fun stop about 5 miles out of town.
We always look for the local library, it's a fun free activity!
We road the trolleys all over town, parking is very limited and walking is a bit tiring because the town is built in a valley with very steep and narrow streets. Our grand daughter could not get enough of the trolley rides!

 Grand falls in Joplin Mo.
Always looking for another adventure stopping place!
Frogs and tadpoles what fun! 
 Beaver,Ar suspension bridge, narrow wooden bridge with 10,000lbs of truck and trailer, why not???

Our daughter found this nice questionable one lane suspension bridge to cross???
We made it, it does flex a lot when vehicles cross??

We gave a few more tours of Nellie and met some fun and interesting people!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring work day for the Cruiser!

Spring is here and time for Nellie's spring tune-up! We have been having increasing trouble closing the door on Nellie so after disassembling the latch  and door and repositioning the lock assembly a few times I think I finally got it! Now the door closes with a click and not a campground waking slam!

Next was installing a new screen door guard which was given to us from good friends Brad and Jennifer, It is a very nice addition!

Then moved on to the next project on the list, after almost 4 years it is time to refresh the shine. So a new polish job is in the works. I use a cyclopolisher and truck box aluminum polish-
This product may not leave  quite as much shine as others but it is simple to do.

 Her shine will be back soon!

Looking forward to the first trip of 2015 coming up in less than a month to Eureka Springs,Ak