Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring work day for the Cruiser!

Spring is here and time for Nellie's spring tune-up! We have been having increasing trouble closing the door on Nellie so after disassembling the latch  and door and repositioning the lock assembly a few times I think I finally got it! Now the door closes with a click and not a campground waking slam!

Next was installing a new screen door guard which was given to us from good friends Brad and Jennifer, It is a very nice addition!

Then moved on to the next project on the list, after almost 4 years it is time to refresh the shine. So a new polish job is in the works. I use a cyclopolisher and truck box aluminum polish-
This product may not leave  quite as much shine as others but it is simple to do.

 Her shine will be back soon!

Looking forward to the first trip of 2015 coming up in less than a month to Eureka Springs,Ak

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