Monday, September 16, 2013

A little trip around the lake year 2

With the arrival of our granddaughter this spring we haven't traveled too much this year until now. We just returned from a two week trip around Lake Superior. We did this trip last year in one week and enjoyed it so much we stretched it out a little.  

Lots of great places to set up camp.

 Just needed a little push!

                          We had a couple of campsites that were just a few steps from the water!
                                                     Breakfast was terrific every day!
 Sunsets except for a couple cloudy days were always good especially with the company I had( Janell)!
               13 mile roundtrip hike to this suspension bridge, great hike but just about did us in.
 Airstreaming friends we met along the way.

 This was a 1960's vintage canned ham in it's former life.  I talked to the man who rebuilt it and he said he didn't like the curves:-)?
 The gang is all here!

 Always like collecting driftwood.
Goofy kids, I don't know where they get it from?? 
 My new home, good fit!

Marking our territory.
We have always loved our time on Lake Superior especially when the kids can join us.
Next year, who knows where.

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Aluminum

1946  Kumfort Koach, this showed up for sale just 6 miles from our house on the side of the road. I drove past it for a week, I kept telling myself to just keep driving. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and now it is in my driveway??

So now the fun begins, unless someone comes along to ease my suffering and takes it away:-)

Monday, June 3, 2013

A new Airstreamer!

My wife and are proud new Grandparents and are looking forward to many new adventures with our newly acquired title.
Hopefully Nora Mae's parents will let her take a trip or 10  with us in Nellie!

Now for a new addition to Nellie, she got a new front porch this winter and we got to try it out on Memorial day weekend.
Photo: First try for the new awning from Marti's Awnings. With Janell Bakken
We keep working on her never ending list of the little things, we are planning on another trip around lake Superior this fall, this time we will take it a little slower, we have 15 days for this next trip.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Winter is not giving up!

We were cutting grass and camping last year at this time, not so this year, 8" of the white stuff overnight!

The Cruiser is still tucked away in her barn still, 70 degrees this weekend so maybe she can make an appearance!

Hopefully the picture will show Nellie at a campsite with our new grandchild!! 3 weeks till the big day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Repurposed Walk-in Cooler

Now that the Airstream is on the road,  I took some time to build my workshop.
I am a collector of good stuff(my wife may question this) and I have been saving a lot of these materials for quite a while so it is good to finally put them to use!

The shop is built from old walk-in coolers that were on their way to the landfill.
 All the barn beams were from a hundred year old barn that was blown over in a storm near by our home.
 The walls,floor and ceiling are R-38 so it is pretty easy to heat.
 This is built inside the barn 3' away from Nellie our 1954 airstream cruiser. It would have been nice to have had this last year when working on the Airstream but at least it will be close for the next one!
 The shop measures 11'wide by 20' long by 15' high with a loft for storing other good stuff. Not to big compared to other shops but a bigger space than I have ever had and everything is very handy!
 I used the odd sized panels in the exterior walls then covered them with old salvaged cedar siding, the other side of the siding was the original painted side.
 When finished there will be a wood stove in the corner and maybe a place to take a nap!
I look forward to many projects with grand kids, rebuilding more campers and who knows??
It's been a fun project just building the shop!