Thursday, January 24, 2013

Repurposed Walk-in Cooler

Now that the Airstream is on the road,  I took some time to build my workshop.
I am a collector of good stuff(my wife may question this) and I have been saving a lot of these materials for quite a while so it is good to finally put them to use!

The shop is built from old walk-in coolers that were on their way to the landfill.
 All the barn beams were from a hundred year old barn that was blown over in a storm near by our home.
 The walls,floor and ceiling are R-38 so it is pretty easy to heat.
 This is built inside the barn 3' away from Nellie our 1954 airstream cruiser. It would have been nice to have had this last year when working on the Airstream but at least it will be close for the next one!
 The shop measures 11'wide by 20' long by 15' high with a loft for storing other good stuff. Not to big compared to other shops but a bigger space than I have ever had and everything is very handy!
 I used the odd sized panels in the exterior walls then covered them with old salvaged cedar siding, the other side of the siding was the original painted side.
 When finished there will be a wood stove in the corner and maybe a place to take a nap!
I look forward to many projects with grand kids, rebuilding more campers and who knows??
It's been a fun project just building the shop!


  1. Neat choice of recycled material!


  2. Your shop turned out quite nicely. i like the recycled walk in panels.