Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Cruisers Home

After 55 years the cruiser finally has a place inside, it rained last night and I can say now that my Airstream does not leak:-)

I did get some time to install the windows on one side, I have had these stored for about 12 years, I am trying not to collect stuff like that any more but it is tough, to much good stuff out there getting tossed out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Airstream Rallies and cupala's

Jan and I went to the Osceola Airstream rally last Saturday ,It was great to meet airstream buddy's Tim and Steve, Hopefully I can get a chance to help them on their trailers, it is fun dirty work:-)
Jan and I like these kind of features, the fridge has a clear front on it with postcards and pictures from their adventures behind it.
It always gets me fired up again to work on the Cruiser when I see other units fixed up. The Cruiser has been patiently waiting for her face lift and new home.

I did get the cupola finished this weekend also, it really serves no purpose but I think it looks cool, maybe in a couple years we will have some grandkids to play up there ;-) Today I started getting the main power hooked up finally, it should be powered up in the next day or two. Steel for the side should be here this week so soon it will be sealed up a little better.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Roof steel finished :-)

30 Sheets of steel 18' long 1,200 plus screws, pretty good work out up and down the ladder, better than a stair climber :-)
$1.79 for these gloves and worth every penny, Rubber coated,never slipped on the roof and no sheet metal cuts.

I was glad it never got windy.

On to the side panels now. Just ordered so that will be a couple weeks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thanks Ellie

Thanks Ellie and Isaac for the contributions to the treasure wall. We have collected this stuff from all of our vacations from Canada to Mexico. It could be anything from a small car part to a piece of drift wood anything to remember a different place or things we have done, the shiny license plate Ellie found in the backwoods of Saskatchewan, Canada .
Thanks Isaac, his first piece on the wall, the fork:-)