Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Cruisers Home

After 55 years the cruiser finally has a place inside, it rained last night and I can say now that my Airstream does not leak:-)

I did get some time to install the windows on one side, I have had these stored for about 12 years, I am trying not to collect stuff like that any more but it is tough, to much good stuff out there getting tossed out.


  1. Too cool, Doug! Can't wait to see the walls go up.

  2. very cool for sure. Now a small suggestion... when you put the windows in and the siding on, move the trailer back out. I can promise you that something will strike the trailer if you don't.

  3. Thanks Frank, I know what you mean, been there.

    The walls will start going on next week.

    Congratulations Steve on winning Rob Bakers trailer, that's really cool.

  4. The Crusier looks great in the barn Doug!