Monday, August 29, 2016

Aluminum and rivets!

Always good to add more aluminum and rivets to Nellie! I made a new aluminum refrigerator panel, just for fun!
 The cast iron top of the tables saw makes a good bucking bar for doing the rivets, that part was pretty quick!

Next project to decide what to do with the old a/c spot under the bed??

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Clear Lake

Our annual trip with Cross Lutheran church to Clear Lake Wi. Jan and I have been coming to this park all our lives, it is such a fantastic small town park! Very family friendly and always a good time!
Bonus is that it is only 40 minutes away from our house!
Jake having a good day, he loves the trips!

Ellie and Nora, Nora's first kayak ride!

 The new grill worked out great, I think I will be using it a lot!
 Sisters hanging out!
 Nora was very busy hanging out with the big kids!
 Such a peaceful place at night!
 We found out after getting there that a small tornado touched down in the campground about a month ago, luckily it was on a Monday morning and the campsite it hit was empty! It is amazing the size of the trees that it snapped off like they were toothpicks!
Our happy place!
Life is good!
Total miles 80
Nights in Nellie 2

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New additions for Nellie!

Just a couple new additions for the Cruiser, a new access door for the water tank and a little remodel for the gas grill .

 Now I have much better access to the fresh water tank drain valve plus a good storage spot for our electric heater we use when we have shore power available.

I set up the gas grill a couple years ago but didn't get it quite finished the way I wanted, I fabricated a new metal shelf and found a better gas regulator that hooks up directly to the cruisers propane tank. It should work much better now! We will give it a trial run this weekend! The brackets and shelf come off and store in the back of the truck. I had heard someone comment with concern about it being so close to the gas tank but it really is not any different than your gas grill at home.
Looking forward to trying it out this weekend!
Life is good!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

New A/C for Nellie

We decided to make a change in the air conditioning for Nellie, The A/C unit that I built in under the bed worked ok but just couldn't get the Cruiser as comfortable as we would like it. Because of the noise and vibration we also didn't like having it under the bed. So for now anyway we are going to the roof.
We went with the Dometic II Penguin Low Profile AC
It has some mixed reviews but I do like it's design!
This is actually the second unit we received, I did install the first one even though I noticed one 
corner was bent, otherwise I thought it was ok. After it was installed I noticed the compressor was also bent over pretty badly and it was making quite a mechanical noise but cooling. We ordered this off Amazon and after emailing with the problem we had a new unit to us and the old one picked up within 4 days no questions asked, very good service! And yes the second unit was mechanically much quieter, still plenty of fan noise!
Before installing the unit I applied foam tape to all the surfaces I could to help with noise, I knew it 
would still be louder then we would like but every bit helps.
I was going to replace this vent anyway with a polished aluminum one but the AC will be nice!
When I rebuilt the Cruiser I installed a drain line and high voltage power to 
this opening in case we decided to do this. With the accessory drain kit and the drain line I installed the condensate water will run out the bottom of the trailer instead of running down the side!
With a few blankets in place to move and roll the unit around on it really is fairly easy to install, just bulky to get up the ladder on the side!
After installing I waited to the next day before starting the unit to let the oil in the compressor settle back to where it belongs.
The drain line connection

Not sure if we like the white inside or outside yet, decided to think on that for a little while?
A different Look for now anyways, I would still rather have it hidden inside if we could find a quiet unit, until then it will be nice to not be concerned if it gets to hot!
Time to hit the road!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fun in Madison Wi

Always fun to go visit our lifelong friends DJ and Amy in Madison and a good reason to get Nellie out on the road!

Always a lot of fun with these two!!
We made the walk around the capitol and the farmers market, lots of great food! 
We helped Dj and Amy's neighbor with a little tree trimming and then had a nice visit!
 Just a short break at a small town church on the way home, always a relaxing place to stop!

We went home through Wausau Wi to drop off Nora Mae our oldest granddaughter with her other grandparents, first time for an overnight sleepover so far away from home, she was very excited!
Total miles 580
Nights in Nellie 2