Sunday, August 28, 2016

Clear Lake

Our annual trip with Cross Lutheran church to Clear Lake Wi. Jan and I have been coming to this park all our lives, it is such a fantastic small town park! Very family friendly and always a good time!
Bonus is that it is only 40 minutes away from our house!
Jake having a good day, he loves the trips!

Ellie and Nora, Nora's first kayak ride!

 The new grill worked out great, I think I will be using it a lot!
 Sisters hanging out!
 Nora was very busy hanging out with the big kids!
 Such a peaceful place at night!
 We found out after getting there that a small tornado touched down in the campground about a month ago, luckily it was on a Monday morning and the campsite it hit was empty! It is amazing the size of the trees that it snapped off like they were toothpicks!
Our happy place!
Life is good!
Total miles 80
Nights in Nellie 2

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