Saturday, August 13, 2016

New A/C for Nellie

We decided to make a change in the air conditioning for Nellie, The A/C unit that I built in under the bed worked ok but just couldn't get the Cruiser as comfortable as we would like it. Because of the noise and vibration we also didn't like having it under the bed. So for now anyway we are going to the roof.
We went with the Dometic II Penguin Low Profile AC
It has some mixed reviews but I do like it's design!
This is actually the second unit we received, I did install the first one even though I noticed one 
corner was bent, otherwise I thought it was ok. After it was installed I noticed the compressor was also bent over pretty badly and it was making quite a mechanical noise but cooling. We ordered this off Amazon and after emailing with the problem we had a new unit to us and the old one picked up within 4 days no questions asked, very good service! And yes the second unit was mechanically much quieter, still plenty of fan noise!
Before installing the unit I applied foam tape to all the surfaces I could to help with noise, I knew it 
would still be louder then we would like but every bit helps.
I was going to replace this vent anyway with a polished aluminum one but the AC will be nice!
When I rebuilt the Cruiser I installed a drain line and high voltage power to 
this opening in case we decided to do this. With the accessory drain kit and the drain line I installed the condensate water will run out the bottom of the trailer instead of running down the side!
With a few blankets in place to move and roll the unit around on it really is fairly easy to install, just bulky to get up the ladder on the side!
After installing I waited to the next day before starting the unit to let the oil in the compressor settle back to where it belongs.
The drain line connection

Not sure if we like the white inside or outside yet, decided to think on that for a little while?
A different Look for now anyways, I would still rather have it hidden inside if we could find a quiet unit, until then it will be nice to not be concerned if it gets to hot!
Time to hit the road!


  1. Nice work! I too wish floor-mounted AC units had more promise. But physics is not in their corner.

    I have never regretted painting my '67 Overlander's shroud gray.


    1. Thanks Tom, we will paint it, just deciding what?

  2. We are only beginning our 54'Cruiser restoration. We just gutted her and have a foot to replace. I have only a million or two questions for you...

  3. Candabaldwin, Good luck with your project, do you have a blog for your adventure or are you on the Airforums? You will not regret all the hard work after you get her back on the road! I would be happy to answer any questions I can!