Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New additions for Nellie!

Just a couple new additions for the Cruiser, a new access door for the water tank and a little remodel for the gas grill .

 Now I have much better access to the fresh water tank drain valve plus a good storage spot for our electric heater we use when we have shore power available.

I set up the gas grill a couple years ago but didn't get it quite finished the way I wanted, I fabricated a new metal shelf and found a better gas regulator that hooks up directly to the cruisers propane tank. It should work much better now! We will give it a trial run this weekend! The brackets and shelf come off and store in the back of the truck. I had heard someone comment with concern about it being so close to the gas tank but it really is not any different than your gas grill at home.
Looking forward to trying it out this weekend!
Life is good!

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