Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First practice trip!

We took Nellie out for a three day/three night trip over Memorial day.

 Nice to have Nellie parked in a campground instead of our driveway!

Good times even though we got quite a bit of rain.
 Henri and Jake got pretty tired!
Nellie gained a little weight, this includes about 200 lbs of fresh water.
 New tv shelf for rear of trailer, folds flat when not in use.
More things to finish before the next trip!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Floors

Installed the new floors today, we went with a knotty pine laminate, mostly because it was free from a flooring friend of mine.

Re-installed the bath light and changed it over to 12 volt

Lots of progress on details this weekend, cabinet shelves wardrobe door refinished and installed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cushions, Curtains and a Bed!!

It has become hard to enter the Cruiser and not just lay down and take a nap. The new mattress is in complete with sheets and pillows in back. We just received the cushions in the front and Jan has about half the curtains made! The fun stuff!
Cushions  made by Powell's Upholstery & Design, 5698 Stagecoach Trl N, Stillwater, MN. Tel: 651-430-1470. 
Mark and his family did a great job!

 I made the curtain ends from deer antlers and the rods are 3/8" aluminum tube made from Ikea curtain pull rods $2 each
Getting closer each day!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


The water is on and along with it all the drain and sewer lines are complete! 

 Ellie and Isaac gave us these little airstream table cloth weights 3 years ago and they are finally hanging in the correct camper.
 Finished the top of the frig storage compartment.
Finished the front wall of the bathroom, I had an extra door from the old cabinets and used it to this little memory collecting space for pictures, postcards, etc..

Monday, May 7, 2012

Camping Soon!

I feel we are in the home stretch, two and half weeks to go before our first although short weekend camping trip with Nellie! We are excited for the weekend but lots of things left to do:
-Finish plumbing-tanks and water to bathroom
-Install cabinet doors
-Install screens and window cranks
-Install floors
-Polish outside
-Finish curtains
-Pack camper
 Installed the tin walls, we like the contrast with the new stainless steal floor.
 Installed the shower hardware, we picked this up at architectural  salvage store.

 Jan has been busy making curtains.
Just a few more things left to do and we will be ready to role, I thought this time would never come!