Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cushions, Curtains and a Bed!!

It has become hard to enter the Cruiser and not just lay down and take a nap. The new mattress is in complete with sheets and pillows in back. We just received the cushions in the front and Jan has about half the curtains made! The fun stuff!
Cushions  made by Powell's Upholstery & Design, 5698 Stagecoach Trl N, Stillwater, MN. Tel: 651-430-1470. 
Mark and his family did a great job!

 I made the curtain ends from deer antlers and the rods are 3/8" aluminum tube made from Ikea curtain pull rods $2 each
Getting closer each day!!


  1. You are a great craftsman Doug. I am glad to see Nellie will soon be camping. You and Jan have a blast!


    1. Thanks Tim, We are really looking forward to the summer!

  2. AAA........SUPER !!