Friday, July 31, 2009

County fair

Jan and I had a pretty relaxing time at the fair, this is our 3rd year running the campground. Its like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle some rigs are 35' long and some 15' long,We had 38 campers and 10 tents, it gets a little crowded but everyone has a good time. Early one morning I awoke to a group of people walking by our airstream saying that sure is a strange looking camper:)
Isaac and Ellie (just married 4 weeks ago) headed out to Wyoming to go to school for a year last week so it is pretty quiet around the house now with just Jan and I and Ben. We will be missing them:-( but we have a nice place to visit them for now,we hope to have them move back close when they are done wondering the country.
Here is a few more shots of the fair.

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