Wednesday, July 1, 2009

International Airstream Rally - Madison,Wi

Jan and I made it to the rally on Tuesday about 6:00pm and headed for the rally site, it was very cool to see all of trailers in one spot. We really did not know where to go or what to do so we just followed some people to the coliseum. At the door we found some security people to ask some questions to,since we are not wbcci members yet, they made some calls and got the ok to let us watch the proceedings for a while. It was very interesting to watch but not something we would get involved with at this time. We left for the night and came back Wednesday morning to look at more trailers and the vendor areas, Again we were surprised that there were not many vendors there, so no purchases made today. We did get to tour all the new trailers on display, that was cool!! Then we went to the vintage trailer area and walked thru, some very nice units!!
We ended up running into Frank with his AnnaAluminum trailer, he owns Franks Trailer Works and was real nice to talk to.We found this nice 18 footer for sale for $40,000,
hopefully he gets his money back out of it. He said that Colin hyde had done much of the restoration, Colin did a nice job.

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