Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year, A New Business, A new Plan

Some big changes happened in 2018!
We gained another grandson(Flynn) bringing the total so far to 5- we feel very blessed😍

Flynn Arthur Bakken

We spent about 45 days in the Airstream and Traveled about 6000 miles.

 Left a 31 year career and started my own business.
 I lost a lot of headaches when I left my old job back in September but also lost contact with a lot of good customers and friends. With starting the new business it has been very good to reconnect with many of those!
My goal or mission statement is to help people with whatever I can, if it is changing a bad outlet
replacing an old furnace or ac unit or if it's just a question. I like fixing things and helping out.

This was the first job of 2019, a new furnace install, they said they would wait till January 2nd
but it felt good doing it on the 1st day of a new year!
Happy New Year!
We all have a limited time and a limited number of days, I feel very fortunate to have this new opportunity! My goal is to be 25% retired and 75% handyman, furnace/ac man.

I kind like hanging out with these guys and hope to have a little more time for it now!

It's always good to see another sunrise and another sunset😎
Enjoy and be thankful for every one you get.

 After I finished installing the furnace today Jan and I 
Snuck in a quick hike to Willow River State Park, with the temps topping out at 8 degrees today
the falls were starting to freeze over!

Hope to see you down the road, keep on adventuring!

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  1. Willow River is beautiful anytime of the year. Fall and winter is our favorite, no tics and moquitoes!