Sunday, April 4, 2010

Key West and the space shuttle-fun to visit but we like Wisconsin

Welcome to Key West 75degrees and hot
My employer and friends Don and Lois asked Jan and I to join them on a trip 
to Key West, the timing and weather was near perfect, all we have heard here in Wisconsin is how cold it has
been in Florida. It was warm and sunny when we were there.
The end of the road or I guess the start depending on which direction
you are going.
It was very nice every morning waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach
and the sun shining in the windows.
I like to bring trees back home whenever I can from our trips but I guess palm trees don't grow in Wisconsin?
Ever since we acquired this aluminum sickness we can't help but keep watch for Airstreams :-)

Don, Lois, Jan, Myself and son Ben. Thanks Don and Lois for the great trip.
Ben spent most of 4 days in Key West rolling around town on his long board.This was our last night there and we had dinner at the A&B lobster house, first time  Jan and I had lobster, very good.
There was quite a lineup to take this picture, our tour guide said there used to be just a sign here but it was stolen all the time so they put in something more permanent.

Everyone has to get a sunset picture,it was very nice to watch the sun go down.The boardwalk every evening is full of street performers , lots of fun.

Honey just take couple more steps back :-)just kidding this is part of the original bridge system, very narrow road and no room for a breakdown. originally there was not a road just a railroad built by one man at a cost of 50 million dollars around 1915, quite an undertaking.

I didn't do very well with the tolls, I  went though the wrong lane a couple times, probably a warrant out for me now?

We made it through the keys and up to Cocoa Beach, very nice there, miles of clean sandy beaches to walk along and relax. We collected a few shells, built a sand castle and just sat back for a day.

Our last day of the trip, Saturday, we woke early to get to the Kennedy Space Center. Doors open at 9:00 and we were the fifth car in the lot. It felt like the movie vacation when Clark drives all that way to find Wallyworld closed, but it was not closed and we put in a full day 9 to 6 I could have spent a couple more.

Just one of the displays, really incredible.

This sign was at one of the launch pads and we thought it may be a good one at our place too.

Ben took a trip to the moon on one of the rovers, Ben wake up we are there!!!

Our $5 post card to end the trip, we packed into one of those picture machines built for two,  lots good memories. The one thing we could not find was the astronauts Airstream camper, that would have been fun to get a picture by.


  1. It looks like you guys had a fun time! I understand my '90 Excella once camped in Key West.

  2. Tim, I can't imagine trying to drive through Key west with your Excella, there just is not much room there!!