Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airstream Progress

Made a few more small steps over the last couple weeks, painted the floor just to seal it a little better and brighten things up. Installed new taillight sockets( no picture) from VTS $11 each and made from stainless, just cleaned up the old lenses for now $45ea for replacements. Took apart rear trunk door, it was bent up pretty bad because the bottom hinge was messed up causing the PO to slam it shut which bent up the top of the door, so I fabricated a new hinge piece. Also got the front belly pan roughly cut out and waiting for a nice day to install, 12 degrees here today. Work has been crazy for the last month with everyone starting their  furnaces in their homes, good to be busy(most days).

 New aluminum looks so much better! At least for the belly, I like the aged look on the rest, it shows some history.

 Airstream had a heavy aluminum bar in the door to stiffen it up but I think I will do something different.

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