Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little stuff but lots of progress

I have not posted for a while but I have been working on Nellie quite a bit.
I came up with a name for the Cruiser a few weeks back"NELLIE" It was a nick name given to Jan by her Granny when she was young and it seems to fit well. I read a thread on the airforums about naming your airstream and Frank had posted that by tradition boats were given female names for good luck and since this is a land yacht it works good, Granny was a pretty special lady and so is my wife and we are starting to get pretty the cruiser, so she needed a good family name.

Taillights are back in, license plate holder with new light  socket and new rub rails all the way around.
Also finished the belly pan in the front and back. So the belly is complete except for the center until I finish the inside and the tanks.
 Added in a work light in the back, it actually covers the old hole from the original 110volt power plug, I will have a switch inside the trunk door.

I did the same in the front where the original water fill was,There was a nice little aluminum patch here with about 10 rusty rivets and screws holding it on, it will be nice to have a light here for those late campground arrivals.
Rebuilt the four marker lights, the base and sockets were falling apart after 57 years, should be under warranty! One of the original glass lenses were missing but I found a replacement at
I thought of putting clearance lights on top front and back but think I will keep that original.
The new tanks arrived a couple weeks ago. I don't think I will mount them until the cabinets go in.
Now I can move back inside and do some final sealing on some seems and windows, finish insulating and reinstall the liner.

This was one week ago, I hope that it is done now, we really want to start getting some spring yard work done and it is lot more enjoyable to work on Nellie with the sun shining.


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  1. Nice work Doug. Great solution for the old power plugs. Nice job on the lights too. I'm about to start on mine. Thinking I might put LEDs into the old fittings but not sure.
    Glorious Easter in the UK, hope it was Stateside too.