Sunday, October 9, 2011

firewood, Airstream, Ellie and Isaac's

It's been a busy fall but it always is! Seems like there is always to much to do in the fall but somehow it all gets done. The last 2 months we have been working on my daughter and son in law's new home. They purchased the home at a house auction and were the only bidders. One other person showed up and after he heard it was to be there first home he left. The auction was not advertised very well, so they got a fantastic deal. A little paint and some remodeling and it is starting to come around pretty good .

Finished getting our winter firewood supply this weekend also, bring on the snow!
And then I got a day in on the Airstream, installed a new 2" coupler and the lp gas tanks/regulator, the front end is looking a little more complete.
Also got the side walls cut out for the bathroom inside, so it has been a good weekend but weekends are always good. Actually most days are good!!
Also received our new rv frig a couple weeks back. Piece by piece it all is coming together.

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