Sunday, March 25, 2012

Starting to feel Usable

After some computer and camera troubles everything is back on track. We made some pretty good progress this last week and the cruiser is starting to feel complete.
 Rear full size bed that replaced the two twins
 Bad picture but wardrobe got a little smaller,
 refrigerator cabinet is in the same spot just shorter, original was  full height
  Thiscabinet is about the same but missing the cooktop that was here originally. 
 The sink base is a little tight to get through the door.
Had some good help!
Thanks Ben
New faucet is in, donated by a plumbing friend, sink is mounted after two try's. I had the cabinet upside down
 and thought for sure everything was in position, i mounted and sealed the sink in place, turned the cabinet over and found I had the sink turned a 180 degrees and the drains were in the front of the sink:-)
 I took everything off the stove that I could, cleaned and painted everything
Used a door edge molding to trim the upper cabinets.
 New knotty pine flooring should match well, another donation from a flooring friend.
 Need to find or build the right table yet
Just a simple towel rack I found in my Dads shop, fits well.


  1. For the Cruiser, for the work, for the owners...
    Felicitation from Switzerland

  2. Thanks Werner, good to see your trailer progressing also!