Monday, July 30, 2012

The maiden voyage!!!

Finally after 3 1/2 years our first big trip! Lake Superior here we come! We have been looking forward to this for a long time!
 We spent the first night at our family hunting cabin in North Central Wisconsin.
Nellie towed great!
 First Family photo in Bayfield Wisconsin.
 Family shot.
 Some fine dining.
 Great Company!!
 All of our family members have had there pictures taken by the chicken in Two Harbors Mn.
 Jan let me win.
 Good eats at the Angry Trout! Grand Marais Mn.
 Great company with Bob, Clare, and Ben!
 A little cruise around the harbor.
 Jake and Henri are still getting there sea legs.
 Jake learning how to jump off the dock, he needs a little practice yet.
 Our beautiful daughter Ellie!
 Had to sign us in!

 Yes they are!
 On our way home, can't wait till the next trip!


  1. Nice job thjis gives me hope!!

  2. Thanks Frank, Javier and Tom, the road is calling we really need to get back out there!