Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lake superior- Duluth / North Shore / Grand Marais

Our favorite close by place to travel to! Lake Superior and Minnesota's north shore is just a few hours drive from us and because of that has always been a family favorite!

A few years ago after our kids started finding their own adventures Jan found this marina right in Duluth, the actual camping spot is not not the greatest  because we are camping in a crowded parking lot, but the location to the Duluth waterfront can't be beat!
Our view parked at the marina!
From the marina we can walk a few short blocks to canal park and the lake walk.

On the return home we spent another night at the marina, this beach is only a few blocks away also and we had it to ourselves on a perfect Friday night!

Next stop and our home for the week is Grand Marais,Mn. We have always loved this town and have so many memories here!
We were very fortunate to get a beachfront spot, I think this is the best site we have ever had here!
It's always a hard decision on vacation to sleep in or get to see day come to life!

 View from the top of one of small peaks along the shore.
Brother Bob joined us for a donut at sunrise!

 When we invited Jake into the family 5 years ago he couldn't swim, now he shakes with anticipation for chasing a stick!
He loves jumping from a dock!
Henri is very excited for Jake to jump in the lake but this is as far as she will go!
Jan joined me for a couple sunrises!
Our Schnauzer Henri.  
Jake waiting for us to finish supper, he usually doesn't get to be on the bed but this is better then being under our feet!
 We got to visit with Juniper, our Oregon granddaughter on FaceTime. This kind of technology is very nice! In a couple weeks we get to hold her in person, can't wait!

Jake and I are getting to be really good buddy's!

Jake and I really enjoy our walks on the breakwater, we usually have it to ourselves!
I like to leave some of my creations around for people to find, it is fun to see people playing with them!
Not quite ready to think about this yet!
We stopped at Amnion State park in Wisconsin on the way home, beautiful little park!

It's not my fault!
Sunrises are pretty great at home too!

Next stop back to Oregon!

Total miles:770
Nights in Nellie 8

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