Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful of all my days

I have so much to be thankful for!

My parents and family I was blessed to grow up with, they showed me how to have and create love, fun and adventure in my life!

 Miss you Mom!

My father and mother in law who excepted the new "friend" of their daughter and have shared their family, life and traditions.

My wife who loves me, puts up with me and keeps  me focused on goals and the important things in life!

My kids who continue to impress me with their own ideas, adventures and what great parents they have become!

My Granddaughters!

My friends that have helped create adventure and supported me when I needed it.

My favorite son in law Isaac and my favorite daughter in law Kaia, I couldn't have hoped for better!

My church family for providing safety in a always troubled world!

Thankful of Our  airstream "Nellie" which is just a thing which means nothing as a thing but when we travel with her she opens the door to us meeting new friends wherever we go!

My job of 30yrs which takes me away from my family to much but has provided a very good life for us!
My dog and fur buddy Jake, I'm Thankful most of the time!

Life is good! Now lets eat!

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