Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Moves out and 2017 adventures to come!


Jan, Feb and Mar.  is usually my down time for tinkering in the shop,
if it's not -10 outside I will do a little work on Nellie. 

March- Brought us to Oregon for a visit with Ben and Kaia

April- Finishing storms repairs to the house and insurance battles 
from a May 2015 hail storm.

May- Celebrated 30 years with my beautiful wife! We took a ten day trip to 
Arkansas, Missouri and Iowa

June-The heat of summer kicks in and so does my job fixing a/c units.

July- Jan's big #50 birthday with a surprise visit from the Oregonians and 
granddaughter #3, very fun!

August- worked on the airstream and two weekend trips in Nellie, 
Madison and Clear Lake

September-Airstreaming time! 8 nights to Duluth and Grand Marais with
 Bob & Clare and Brad & Jennifer

October- Back to Oregon, 6 nights for me and 21 for Jan,
I missed her a lot!
Also one last weekend in Nellie at the family cabin,
 then she went into the barn for a long winters nap!

November-We had a very nice and warm fall which meant extended time outside for projects and Jan I could walk each night in the park!

December- Winter arrived and -23 temps and a big change came to our family
with Dads passing.
The day after Dads funeral I felt worse then I have ever felt in my life! Like a truck had driven over my heart and soul and backed over me again just to make sure I was completely crushed. I knew the day was coming we would loose him but it hurt a lot! Mom left us 8 years ago but now it feels like she is really gone and now with the process of cleaning out the home they lived in for 44years that chapter of life has come to an end. They lived  and experienced so much on very little!
Thanks Mom and Dad for the adventuresome spirit!

Total days traveling: 34
Total nights in the Airstream: 22
Miles driven with Nellie: 3,386
Looking forward to 2017 to a 3week 4000+ mile trip across the country and a 1week trip around Lake Michigan and ???


Life is great keep streaming!

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