Saturday, October 27, 2018

Life changes and New adventures!

A blessing in disguise!
 The last year and a half has been a little too interesting at my second home -work! After an ownership change and now having my position eliminated I find myself looking at new options. I wasn't completely surprised but I still never imagined it would really happen! It is a hard way to leave a 31 year career! So after a few weeks of getting over being mad about the situation I am looking forward to options and most likely my own business and a more open schedule:-)
I think this is my dad and mom's doing(they are watching over us from above, Dad retired/left his 35yr career  at the same age) even though I am not retiring. Just moving on to a better option!
Time for the important things in life!

Family, travels and new adventures!

Four days after I was let go we had a scheduled trip to Minnesota's north shore of lake superior. 
we had a fantastic trip as far as the weather goes. We had just finished polishing and tuning up the Airstream, Nellie looked great. 
We spent two nights in Duluth, MN.

I purchased Nellie 10 years ago for $700, the Prevost diesel pusher in 2003 was $2,500,000
1954 26' Airstream 4500 pounds, 45' Prevost 45,000 pounds
What will the Prevost look like after 64 years????
 I think we will keep the Airstream!
We love camping here and watching the ships come off the lake!

Then we moved up the shore to Grand Marais, Mn. we love this town. The campground gets a little busy sometimes but with it being on the edge of town it's in a perfect location for great walks into town!
Sweethearts bluff above the campground.
 First stop in town is always the donut shop!

 Had a little carving time!

The campground has about 20 sites in the first row by the lake that are non-reservable 
so we always check for openings when we get there and we ended up in one of the best sites we could have asked for!

Also as another surprise and a first for us, there was a plein air artist painting event going on in town with over 100 artist painting scenes around town. Nellie our 1954 vintage airstream was painted four times. It was a lot of fun to visit with the artists and watch them create!
Mary, artist #1

We were not going to purchase any paintings but a close friend surprised us with Mary's painting, now she will travel with us!

Stephen Artist #2

Night-time painting by Stephen
Artist #3

As well as everything was going on this trip we were a bit on edge with our new life change and not sleeping well so after 7 nights we decided the best place to be was home.

It was a very interesting trip regarding the people that we met. People kept asking us how long we had been living in our airstream and how comfortable it was. We talked to more people and gave more tours then we ever have. There was definitely some new energy around us!

Now with grandchild number five coming any day and a new business with a more flexible schedule we are looking at brighter days ahead! 

After regrouping and settling into this new life a bit, Guess where we went next??

Stay tuned, the new adventures will be great!

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