Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some fun at Bobs house

Brother Bob has been wanting to build a covered deck off his workshop for a while so today was the day. I love working on these old buildings. His house is over 100 years old and is one of the few houses in town with the old carriage house still standing.
It was a beautiful day today, almost a perfect fall day, we have not seen the sun here in quite a while.
It was a nice project, we got all the framing done in about 4 hours. just a little faster than the barn project :-)
Bob working hard or thinking about it.
Getting the roof panels in place, they worked ok for this project but we don't think we would use them for anything bigger. They were made of a compressed asphalt material.
Pretty well finished up, about 9 hours of work, a pretty good day. Now for a little work on the deck.
Last falls project at Bob's, we removed a wood retaining wall and built this boulder wall, that was quite a project. Looking good now that the grass is growing back in. It is dangerous to get me into a bobcat at my own house or someone else's, a person can do a lot of damage pretty quickly but in the end it usually comes back together :-)

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