Saturday, October 24, 2009

Survived another day

Second peak done, it was a good thing we had no wind today, nice to have both ends done.
That is actually a 24' ladder, it was a bit of a stretch to get up to the peak. Maybe it did get too tall :-) Ben gave me a hand with a couple of the long sheets.
After waiting a couple weeks an excavator from down the road showed up today with some fill to finish the driveway to the barn, no more mud in front :-)
This is what I started the day with today, it was nice to have a change on the end towards the house.
24hrs. earlier this is what we had, the cruiser is getting cold and lonely outside.

Almost a blizzard, I think this is the third snowfall this year and not even November yet.

Steve, a buddy of mine up the road just finished sawing up the big cherry tree that we cut down at the beginning of the summer.
I had the bigger logs sawn into 2 1/2" slabs for some rustic tables or benches.
My photographer. I love her dearly, even if she doesn't want to walk in the mud to visit me slaving away on her barn:-)

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  1. Doug:

    The barn is just looking better and better. I sure wish I had the land to do this. Hopefuly we had all our November snow in October. The forecast looks great for any work you want to get done over the next week or so. I know your Cruiser will enjoy being out of the harsh winter!