Sunday, February 28, 2010

The running of the goats

These two, Miss Mary and Moose look pretty innocent here but this walk was not as much fun at 9 o'clock at night  in the dark after their escape.Out of their pen, around the garage, up the driveway, down the road, in the neighbors drive, a loop around their yard, then to loose me in the woods behind their place, back to our house for me, then down the road again with treats, flash light, and the truck. Found them at the neighbors again, of coarse they went right to him and held them until I was able to get a leash on them and walk them back home,they would not come to me for anything, aaarrrggg. Funny goats, these actually belong to our Daughter Ellie who now lives in Wyoming, I hope you are making room in the apartment Ellie. :-)

1 comment:

  1. I have two good solutions to your goat issue... Curry Goat and/or Stew Goat. Those are two of my favorite Jamaican meals. My local takeout, Montigo Bay, serves both daily and sometimes even Mannish Water. The Mannish does not have the head in it, but is a rich delicious soup. So there you have three solutions to the goats on top of the shipping them off to Wyoming as you suggested...