Saturday, March 12, 2011

New wheels and new plans

Finally got the axle rebuilt for the cruiser over the last couple weeks, I was surprised that the shop had new brake assemblies that would fit a 57 year old trailer. They recommended rebuilding over replacing the axle because the original is built better then new models. They did re-arch the springs to gain a little height.

Along with the axle also came new wheels and tires, Just a little shinier and reliable then the originals.

We had a visit and inspection from Brad today also, it was a lot fun to review his and my progress. Also it helped a lot to go over his trailer plans and others, we have been struggling over ours for quite a while. I think we are pretty close now.
Side views
Top view

Now I think I can start wiring the interior and keep things moving.
Thanks for the ideas Brad

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  1. One must look the Curbside in the mirror, then the plan is right again..... grin