Monday, May 23, 2011

Ben's Grad Party

Proud of ya Ben, We are very fortunate to have such a terrific son!
                                                                                                                                          Lot's of good friends!
A little too much fun with the goats but happy again 5 minutes later.
Jan, All ready for the fun to start.
Dad and my long time friend DJ and Cooper, she got a lot of attention and probably plenty to eat!
and Lots
of rain but it didn't slow any body done from coming.
We had lots of help from Jan's sisters who kept the tables full so we could visit with everyone. This trading works well, all of their kids are younger then ours so we owe them some time. Great to have family close by!
Then comes the clean up, 150 people through the house, pouring rain outside and everyone having a good time, so we had a bit of cleanup at the end. Hours and hours to clean the house, 5 minutes for the garage. By the way all the food was wiped out, I was bummed, no left overs and there was a lot on the table. We had a great time visiting with everyone, lots of great friends, family and neighbors, we are very lucky to live in such a great area.

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