Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interior skins and paint

It has been a busy few weeks installing the interior skins, I was very surprised at how easy it was to re-install the liner and line up all the old rivet holes. It did take a lot of rivets about 900, that's been quite a workout for my hands. It has been more of a challenge trying to decide on a color for inside.I think we have settled on dark red but also considered a vintage looking mustard yellow and chrome aluminum.

The red you see in the pictures still needs a couple coats to darken it up.Hope to have the painting done this weekend. Then we will be done for about a month.
It sure is great to see some big changes, I was getting a little discouraged.


  1. I like it, Doug. Bold is good.

    Unless someone is doing the vintage with Zolatone look, why not do what you like?

    Your countertops and curtains will have a big impact as well. Can't believe how many times I changed my mind on the laminate, trying to tie it all together.


  2. Thanks Steve, Getting to the fun stuff now, we are not sure what the final outcome will be but it should be fun getting there.