Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welding, shocks, brakes

Had some great help from my Son in law Isaac today with welding in new shock brackets and welding in the new hitch. He also filled in lots of random holes in the tongue of the trailer, it will look much better now when painted. Thanks Isaac for the great work!

Painted and installed a reading light for Jan
Jake and Henrietta
Jake looks pretty innocent but seems to want to chew up my safety equipment, safety glasses last week and face shield today??



  1. Lookin good!! I need to get my brake actuator so I can get my breaks working. Oh well more $$$$

    1. I have a pretty good list of parts and cost,the flow of $$$ is starting to slow down and run out!. I lot of the things I am doing now a lot of guys had done at the start of there project but I didn't have the knowledge, comfort or $$$ then, so a little harder to do now laying on my back but not to bad. It is very lifting to get some of these things done.

      Your new plans are looking good, we probably redrew ours a dozen times or more!!

  2. Tinman - As I also have a '54 Cruiser, I've followed your Forums posts diligently and have learned more than I know. Thanks for posting such useful information!! Additionally, I saw that barn & immediately "knew" who you are. Followed that story also, but hadn't necessarily put the 2 projects together!!

    I'm having my Cruiser professionally renovated - I know my talent limits!! Hopefully I should have her back to me in a month or so. I need to learn how to post photos!! Congratulations on your new project find. I can't believe you have the stamina!!

    I'm going with a friend (Bwoodtex) on a rescue mission Saturday, May 5th ~ yet another '54 Cruiser discovered!! That now makes 4 I know of fairly close by here in Central Texas!! We ought to all caravn somewhere together one day!!
    Thanks again, and best of luck on your projects.

    1. Thanks Jim, It would be great to see pictures of your Cruiser' I was wondering how many Cruisers were made?! Ours has taken a lot longer then I ever thought it would but we are really looking forward to getting Nellie on the road soon and to bring her all over the country, If you are ever in Wisconsin??