Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Aluminum! 1964 22' Airstream Safari

I picked up a work in progress project from another airstream friend Tim today, it will be a while to get her into usable shape again but slowly piece by piece she will get there!
We may have to build an addition to the barn for her, Nellie will like the company!
 Tims blog and what he has done is at:
Tim had named her May, that name goes well in our family, We have 3 special Mae's and now 4. The spelling just needs a little change! Her new will be Mae.
 Could be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to put back together!

 Like all restoration projects this shouldn't take more then a couple years???
 Hopefully when it gets above zero for more then a couples days I can get outside and check things out a little more.
Good smells inside for Jake!

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