Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nellie gets some heat!

We don't camp in the cold to much but in the early or late season when you just need a little extra heat in the morning or late evening we needed something. Until now we used a couple of small electric space heaters but we were out of luck if we were anywhere without hookups or boon docking out in the hills. I looked for a long time trying to find something that had some decorative style to it and still lightweight. 
I really only found two choices in heaters, we chose the cozy cabin heater from  
The other option we looked at was a dickinson fireplace:
The cozy cabin heater does not put out as much heat as the fireplace but it does produce more heat then the two electric heaters that we use.
Things I liked about the Cozy heater: physical size, weight, 1" venting, cost, unique look

I also liked that it could be vented out the original roof vent so Nellies outside appearance didn't change.

Our first trip of the year is coming up so we will get a  to try it out! 

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