Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making plans

It's that time of year in Wisconsin when the winter starts to get long and we dream of spring. My wife has her garden plans and seed catalogs laid out and I start thinking of being on the road.

  Since our son and daughter in law moved to Oregon a year ago we have been thinking we would take a two week expedition with the Airstream out there this spring. After mapping out the stops, miles and hours on the road along with my 3 weeks of vacation time, we decided this kind of trip will have to wait for another day with fewer time restraints. It's very hard to keep reading the blogs on all the full timing rv'ers out there, that life looks very tempting???

We will still maximize our nights in the airstream.

March-We will be flying to Oregon  for 6 days, this will save us 60 hours of driving and 5 days of vacation time and still have the same amount of time out there.

May- Our spring trip the last couple of years has been to Eureka Springs Ak. We have really enjoyed our trips there and have met many nice and interesting people.

August- Our annual church weekend camping trip to Clear Lake Wi

September-  Labor day week is still to be determined but thinking of heading for Glacier,  I have been following and reading everyones visits on Facebook and would really like to get there.

Hopefully a couple more weekend trips just for fun!


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