Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dreaming of Streaming

The more we camp the more we want to camp and explore, this is the problem! For years my wife and I have read the blogs about the adventures of couples and families that have  made the jump from living in a brick and sticks house to a home on wheels. We have been married for almost thirty years now and like many have camped in tents and many different types of travel trailers, our favorite is Nellie the Airstream! When we pull into a campground with her she is a instant conversation starter, we've met so many great people through her.
As busy as everyone is it's always a challenge to get camping time, so we learned long ago to get it scheduled and on the calendar early or it just doesn't happen.

Now that I am in my fifties we have been thinking more of what the next ten years may look like??? I can't imagine selling the home that my wife and I built, which is on land we purchased from her parents? I would be ok with renting it out for a while so we can go explore for extended periods of time.  If we need to be working part time from the road that could be just fine, a handyman at a campground may be the ticket! Until that happens we will just keep improving Nellie and who knows what the next day will bring???

 Life is good, keep streaming! 

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  1. I really understand the notion of wanting to travel. I hope it happens for
    you Tim.