Sunday, April 24, 2016

Home projects, storm repair, insurance complaints

I think this the kind of thing that drives people to simplify, purge and downsize their life. I am just finishing the rebuild of our screen porch that took a pretty good beating in a hail storm a year ago. in addition to the porch all the window screens on the house windows and the roof shingles needed to be replaced. 
 We were out of town but heard that it hailed for almost 20 minutes! Not big hail but just a lot of it!
The pictures of the hail are from our neighbors house.
 And lots of wind, we have never lost shingles before. Many other loose shingles and hail marks.

 Most of the stain was removed by the hail.

After being with the same insurance company for over 30 years, this process has been very disappointing and frustrating. The first visit from our insurance adjuster was almost insulting with statements like we can't replace the screens because there are no holes, even though the were pushed though and had a nice waffle look to them.  The first offer to repair the porch was $100 for staining and $300 for screen, about 5% of contractors estimates?
After getting bids from many contractors and 5 months of back and forth with insurance, they finally agreed to replace the roof, I actually gave them a map of all the house within a mile radius of us that had their roofs redone! The jury is still out on the porch??
The people I dealt with at our insurance company were certainly nice enough but the policies they enforce in this situation, not so much! 
We will have a new insurance company by the end of the month?
Sorry for the negative post, just another one of life's adventures!
Insurance a necessary evil!

Whether or not insurance gives us a fair price to repair the porch It is nice to have the porch and roof updated now.

Five days till Nellie goes down the road to start off this years camping season, Jan and I can't wait!
Keep streaming!

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