Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our 30 year love story

Thirty years with the love of my life! Janell you are my favorite wife and only wife and God willing my wife for a very long time to come! You mentioned just a little bit ago when I was writing a nice letter about someone else that it would be nice to get those letters, well it is very easy to right nice things about you! So lets get started with all the nice things you have done for me and why I love you so much:

I love how beautiful you are!
Then and Now!

I love how you keep me focused and try to keep simplifying our life!
I love your cooking!
I love how you try to keep me eating healthy!
I love camping with you!

I love how you glow with joy when you are making something for Nora, Helen or Emmitt!
I love how you love the outdoors!
I love working and getting tired with you!

I like how you enjoy your fur-babies, even if i'm jealous of the time you get to spend with them!
I love working in the garden with you!
Thirty years ago you looked good camping in a tent and sleeping in a sleeping bag!
I love being goofy with you!
I love how you dislike "things" and try to focus your energies on family, experiences and adventures!
I love what a great mother and grandmother you are!

I love your family!
I love falling asleep with you while watching the Gilmore girls season seven!
I love walking with you!
Twenty five years ago you looked gooder camping in a popup tent camper!
I love building things for you!
I love watching you in the garden!
Twenty years ago you looked comfortable camping in a cabin!
I love how you take care of yourself!
I love that you are such a hard worker and always working to improve!
I love working and providing for you and our family!
Fifteen years ago you looked great camping in a S.O.B. camper!

Four years ago you looked fantastic camping in a 1954 Airstream, I am not sure how we can improve on this, maybe just lots of practice!

I loved building Nellie with you!
I love watching you sleep!
I love your red toes in the summer!
I love the security of knowing you are there!
I love that you are joining me in the 50's on 7/24/16!
I like meeting new people and talking Airstream with you!

I love that we have been married for so long, 30 years and counting!
I hope we are married way longer!

 I Love You!


  1. This is so sweet, Doug!! What a testimony to a marriage meant-to-be! Hugs to you both on your anniversary - may God give you many more years together!! Love, Doug & Sue

  2. Thanks Sue, The years keep flying by, Lots of good times! I think You and your Doug are on the same trip and it's been a good one!