Saturday, June 25, 2016

Full-time living in the Airstream, when is the right time, maybe never ???

The first comment I heard about this post was that the title sounded like I was giving up on full-timing but what I am giving up on is the worry of leaving family, friends and the incredible community we have here! When the time is right we will have the adventures we able to have!

My better half and I have read hundreds of  Facebook posts, blog posts and magazine articles about selling the sticks and bricks home and hitting the road for adventure! This is  encouraging but sometimes it makes us feel like we need to leave and escape, it creates  a fear of missing out!

The road is calling and pulling at us very strongly! All these articles sound great but I don't think we could leave all of our  connections behind,  how to find a balance? Nearly everyone we meet on the road or camping is fantastic to talk to and share adventures with,  it's just that after living in the same community for 50plus years I don't think we can leave it all behind! I could see renting our home out for 6 months, that could be an adventure all by itself!

Our home is in an incredible place already that would be very hard to replace if we sold it, we built our home and love it! We have great hiking and snowshoeing right in our backyard and don't need to travel to get that! We do however have a very strong desire to see this country and all of it's natural beauty!

 Most of the people we hold dear to us are just minutes away, our Dads, 50%of our favorite kids, the other 50% is 2000 miles away in Oregon on there own adventure, 66% of our favorite grand-kids, all of our favorite brothers and sisters, 95% of our favorite nieces and nephews and most of our best friends.
 I also have a great job of almost 30 years and can see the end or slowing of that career approaching in the next few years,  so for now we explore the country around us as life allows us too, no extended or long distance trips but lots of short ones! How could we leave this for even months at a time!

Life is good!

The bucket list is a never ending list!  Always adding to the adventure, as we read about more things to see and places to go!

1.Hiking through and camping in Glacier National Park and the many other parks!

2.Camping with the Redwoods, I like trees!

3.Staying at my lifelong friends home in Ireland, Looks like a very peaceful place to be!

4.A slow camping trip to Alaska
Enough pictures of someone elses airstream in great places, we will get Nellie to them when the time is right!
5. Exploring the upper northwest coast
6.Camping on the rim of the Grand Canyon
7.Camping in the Airstream on top of a mountain, having the airstream above the clouds just sounds   cool?

8. Circle trip for one year around the US
9. Circling the rest of the great lakes.
10. Spending a summer in Grand Marais,Mn.

The 70degree travel map:

National parks in one trip map???
National parks
So many places to go and see, we have gone to many but I feel we have just scratched the surface!

Life is good and always getting better!

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