Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vintage travel and family

My #1 daughter Ellie just connected me to the sight linked below, some very inspiring reading. Lately I have been  doing lots of home repairs and this leads to much more dreaming of streaming in our 1954 Airstream.
Our favorite spot in Eureka Springs Arkansas

 I have mentioned the idea of selling our vintage"Nellie" and getting a newer airstream to gain a little more comfort and a shorter trailer but Jan reminds me that it's because of the 54 that we end up meeting so many new people and she really is part of the family! If we sold  her all we could tell people is that we used to own a cool vintage trailer?? So Nellie will stay and we will continue to improve her for more vintage adventures!
Meeting new Airstream friends in Missouri, Jan and I have camped for 30 years and definitely meet more people because of Nellie!

Merrek State park in Wisconsin May2016

I like the idea of keeping our home base in Wisconsin, we have a lot of reasons to stay grounded to our home!
 Dad and my brothers missing brother Tom!
Most of my family, probably a dozen missing!  
 Brother Bob
 Number 1 Granddaughter Nora
Jan's  Family
 Sister Barb
 Father in law Tom
Number 2 Granddaughter Helen
And a reason to travel more number 3 granddaughter Juniper in Oregon, we will meet for the first time in October!

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