Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Arkansas, Missouri & Iowa in May 2016

For the third year in a row now we have taken a trip south to start camping earlier and to see new places. Who new there were things to see going south, we have almost always gone north to Lake Superior (it is pretty great in the North). Turns out going south is pretty nice too!

1st night: Beeds Lake State park Iowa
Great little park, it was raining so we didn't get to hike around as much as we like, we would go back.
A little to much traffic to make this rainy drive relaxing.

2nd night: Harry S Truman state park inMissouri
Another nice spot, we like camping this time of year, no reservations are needed!

3rd & 4th night: Eureka Springs Arkansas
Wonderlust campground, great views, we've stayed here 3 times, it could be a bit crowded here in the summer?
Eureka is a very artsy town with lots of steps and hills!
A fine old home that could use a little more love!

5th night: Tablerock state park Branson Mo.
To celebrate our 30th anniversary we took in our first show in Branson, it was a lot of fun!
Jan trying to get me to walk the plank!

 6th night: Finger Lake state park, Missouri- New Airstream friends! 
Nice park but it is set up for atv's and dirtbikes so I don't think we would want to be here when it is busy!

7th night: Maqueketta Iowa State Park- Maqueketta, Iowa
Fantastic trails in and out of the caves, will definitely go back!

8th & Last night Merrick state park- Fountain City, Wisconsin
Nice park but a bit on the noisy side with both RR tracks and a race track within a mile of the campground!
From Merrick State park we followed what is called the 100 mile garage sale along the Mississippi river stopping in the little river towns to look at all the treasures that we really don't need, yes we bought a few things!
Probably bounced around to much on this trip but we saw a lot of nice country and met many nice people! Every year I try to change our trips around a bit and explore someplace new even if we go to the same destination! We have been going to the north shore of Lake Superior for 30 plus years and still find new things!
Total miles were:1756 miles
Nights in Nellie 8

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