Monday, May 29, 2017

Running away from the cold, Heading to Moab - Part 2 of 3

Since going west was looking to be snow and cold, we found ourselves going Southwest heading to Moab, Utah and to a couple National parks.
The trip through Denver with the trailer was interesting, I think it would be ok to skip a repeat of that!
The pass through the mountains on I70 was very beautiful. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road, so much to see! It was hard to keep my eyes off the road because for a while I couldn't see it, it was covered with heavy steam and the lanes were not visable!!!

The National parks are just a small part of Utah, a very good part but the whole area is great to explore!
We were very fortunate to get a camping spot since we didn't have any reservations.
When we left Denver Jan started searching for campgrounds and BLM land near Moab, It looked like there was going to be lots of options to find a cheap BLM spot but decided to do a 
campground the first night so we could check things out.
Jan found Kane Spings campground. They only had one spot open for one night, then they were booked through the weekend!
As things happen sometimes, the person in our spot canceled so we booked 3 more nights and then 3 more nights! We have never stayed in one spot for 7 nights on a trip like this, it was awesome!
It was interesting watching other campers come and go and listen to some of their adventures!
The weekend was pretty busy and we ended up sharing our spot with a young couple and their 2 great kids ages 3 and 1. Also met Cori and Greg from The Restles Youngs  they have been living in their motorhome on the right side of the picture for 5 years now!
We are quite envious of the full time travelers we met out on the road! The open road is pretty addictive!!!
More pics. of our campground and Pritchett canyon trail(right outside our door)
 These caves were above us in the campground and are available for camping, quite an unusual spot! 
 The dogs loved being able to run free!
Loved all the hiking I got to share with this lady!
 Jan and I and the dogs walked the canyon almost everyday!
Checking out the views on Kane creek rd
 Just sitting on a rock! People have asked why I am sitting in spots like this?? I have been climbing to high places since I was probably 3 yrs old, why stop now, I really enjoy the view and usually it's not very crowded!

 Kane Spring rd south of our campground.

 The Pritchett Canyon Jeep trail is rated at a #5 on a scale of 1-5 5 being the hardest so we got to see some pretty nice rigs coming through!

Lots of hiking to beautiful and unusual places!
 The path to Delicate arch, about 3hrs round trip, I liked this part of the trail, flat path with a 100' drop  on the right side:-) Jan did not like it so much:-(
 My dad passed away last December, normally I would call him every day from the road with our updates. I couldn't call him but the walking stick he carved was with me on many hikes!
 I had to get the right angle to get Jan alone with the Delicate arch!
The actual photo! It was a little busy but not to bad.

  I can't remember the name of this hike but it is the first one after coming into arches. We arrived late about 5:30pm so we had it almost to ourselves, it was amazing walking down in the bottom of the valley! With Roara the dinosaur!

The Rim trail above Moab, view from the edge.

 Jeeps everywhere! Fun watching these guys but I would have a hard time even being a passenger!
It's a lot steeper then the picture looks with a huge cliff on the side to role off!!

 Jake checking out Moab
We had so much fun exploring Arches that we really didn't do much more then a drive through of 

 At the Island in the Sky overlook, it would be interesting to drive the white rim trail that follows the edge of the lower canyon!
Just across the road from Canyon lands visitor center is an overlook where you can see the Shafer trail, an old mining road. We will have to take the drive next time!
I found a nice vantage point to check out the valley and road below, Jan wasn't excited about joining me, somebody has to take the pictures.

 Found a good place to meditate for a while!

 1500' to the bottom, heights have never bothered me to much as long as I am on something solid!
It's been on my bucket list to find some spots like this, Utah has many opportunities!
I had this spot to myself, no one wanted to join me:-)
Moab had a big car show going on for the weekend. Lots of interesting vehicles to check out!

Heading the other direction East and North, Leaving Moab, could easily stay here a few more weeks!
Picture taken by the Colorado river heading East from town.

North to Thermopolis!
Park 3 of 3 to come soon.

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