Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Return from Utah part 3 of 3

It was hard to think about but it was time to turn around! We are at the half way point and can't reserve any more time at our space in Moab but that's ok because we have more places to go. So time to start moving East and North, back to Wisconsin.
Driving North along the Colorado river out of Moab, a nice winding scenic drive!
 The first suspension bridge in Colorado, Built to hold 1 wagon, 6 horses, 2 men and 6000 pounds of supplies! There is not much left of it just the cables swinging in the wind. It must have been quite a job to build back in the day?
Made it to Rifle Gape state Park a little North of Grand Junction,Co.
 No cliffs to sit on today  just a quiet hillside campsite!
The rangers told us of this hike About 5 miles down the road in another part of the park, very nice, I think every hike we took was!

The Waterfalls had created many holes and caves over the years!

Beautiful sunsets, we can't get enough of these kind of places!
Leaving Rifle gap and heading for Thermopolis,Wy
 We were a little questioning of our gps when she directed us onto this gravel road off of a nice highway and the sign said no services for the next 80 miles???

 We passed 2 cars in the next 2-3hrs,  it was a fun drive!
I think we could have eaten our lunch in the middle of the highway without a problem!
Jan found us a night of free camping at Big Sandy Reservoir.

Jake got to go swimming, he really needed that! He has been scratching non-stop , we all dried up in Moab! Henrietta loved being able to run, until she got in trouble visiting the neighboring rv a quarter mile down the road:-)

 There are no signs like this around Moab and this sign was on a cliff that was 6' high:-)
I did not sit on the cliffs here evidently they are more dangerous then the 1000footers in Moab!
With nothing but clear sky's and open prairies we had sunsets and sunrises!

Another quiet place and very quiet night! I look forward to finding more spots like this in the future!
It was a little strange camping in these places, we are used to having other campers 40' away!!!

We found one of Rora's relatives in Thermopolis!

The neighbors are a little closer here then they were at Big Sandy Reservoir!

The Fountain Of Youth hot spring pool is very relaxing! The sulfur smell of the pool/spring takes a little getting used too though!
After leaving Thermopolis we stopped in Tensleep,Wy It wasn't the canyon town I remember from our trip 15yrs ago, I'm not quite sure where the town I pictured in my memory actually is now??? but we had a good espresso/chocolate malt and walked around town. 
We found this artsy house decorated with lots of old iron, always liked old machinery!

Another beautiful mountain pass, we stopped too many times going up the steep grades and overheated the transition on the truck a bit but all ended up ok!

Playing in the snow, we wish we would have brought our snowshoes, next time! Jan's sandals didn't work very well!

Made it to Devils tower National Monument, I have always liked this place! We managed to get a pretty sweet spot right in the park!
We like traveling in the spring before the trees leaf out because we get to see more of the countryside!

We saw quite a few of these off road 4x4 van/campers, I think it would make a great tow vehicle for the airstream!! They have a pretty nice price tag though $70,000-$120,000!!!

Moving farther east we made it to Game Lodge campground in Custer State Park. We went to say hello to the presidents the first night, a beautiful night and drive! I also learned luckily without incident to drive very slow in parks with free roaming Bison, they are very big and black when standing on the side of the road in the dark! We missed one by no more then 12" Yikes!
Just a little squeeze with the truck!

We only stayed 2 nights but could easily stay 2weeks!
We enjoyed a fancy anniversary dinner at the main Game Lodge hall, 31 years of wedded bliss!

Our anniversary night we splurged a little and stayed at a resort in Chamberlain,SD. Beautiful lakefront site and had a nice soak in the hotel hottub! Also got to visit with a couple from
 White Bear Lake Mn. just returning from a month long trip following route 66.
We met so many interesting people this trip!
Rest stop on east side of the river by Chamberlain.
Making our way through rush hour traffic in Minneapolis,Mn
Familiar territory!

Stayed at Willow River State park by Hudson,Wi. for our last night, it's about 4 miles from our home so Grand daughter Nora got to come spend the last night with us!
The End, a fantastic trip, 3 weeks on the road was great and we can't wait to make it longer!
21 days
14 campgrounds
aprox. 100 miles hiked
6 states
3780 miles
averaged 8-9 mpg
avg. cost per gallon $2.60/gal
No camper troubles!
No truck troubles!
Many more miles waiting to be explored! 
Till the next time

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