Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Five-No Rain

Ron and his sons, Elvis and Sammy and Doug. End of the day, boys wanted to come up standing on the deck of the second floor.
Our working dog, Cooper. Safe spot to watch all the action.
Brother Bob's dog, Pepper the Pug.
Boys up in the Coupala.
Ron and Doug positioning the Coupala.
Getting close.
Reminds me of the last scene of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie, where the elevator crashes through the roof and flies through the air ;)
Ben guiding up the materials for the second floor. Handy to have the crane.
After some instruction from Cy, the crane owner, I am the official operator today.
The new second story floor is in. With the availability of the crane, I decided to take advantage of it, and put in the second floor now.
Ron and his youngest son, Sammy.
Finally a day with no rain. It was a very productive day. Installed the deck for the second floor, the coupala, and finished framing the roof. Ron just keeps on cruisin' through the work. Hard to believe five days ago this area was bare ground, now we have a building that is 31'6" tall. Starting to look like a real barn.

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