Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Side Done :-)

Half of a roof done this weekend, it went pretty well working by myself, it was pretty relaxing. Brother Bob did come over for a couple hours on Saturday aft. for a couple hours and helped finish the wall framing on that side. The last piece on the front was a little tricky, there were 2 screws in the middle that I could not reach, I will put those in when I finish the front trim with a taller ladder.
When I took a break from the steel I built this little decoration for the front, not to functional but fun to make and easier to install now without the roof on.
I made up my own fascia material for a different look.
A sample of the galvanized metal cover for the fascia.

Nice to have one side done, now I have a system down to do the side that does not show, I probably should have started on the back, but that is no fun, might just as well have all the mistakes show on the front side.

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