Friday, August 28, 2009

The Roof and some new visiters

I am sure glad the roof is steel and not shingles, it would not be any fun to carry bundles of shingles up there.

Good lunch today, it does not take to long make lunch for one person, it is a little quiet around here without the family(yes I am missing you), it would probably be more comfortable living in the airstream the house is too empty.
This is my friend Mikes daughter Emma, she is crazy, no fear of anything, she likes to climb up ladders or scaffolding, high is ok.
This is Abby, also a climber, and loves our new baby chicks. She had to kiss all she could.

The Steel for the roof finally came today,it took almost three weeks to get. Witch was OK because there have been plenty of other things to do. Bob and I got all of the bracing installed from the walls to the bottom of the trusses this week so I could remove the exterior temporary bracing. I did get far enough tonight to get the first two sheets of roof steel on. It went a lot better than I thought it would, the roof is almost a 45 degree angle, so pretty steep, I thought I would use the crane to lift the 18ft. pieces of steel up but instead purchased some rubber sticky gloves today and just slid them up the ladder with me. One screw in the top to hold the sheet, then position the bottom and then screw it down from the bottom to the top, about 40-2" screws per panel work my to the top, only have to do it 29 more times :-)

As you can see in the first picture I am almost done with side one. It is going pretty well, Brother bob helped again last night with some more framing and temporary brace removal.
Hopefully I can finish before the next rain, I am getting tired of mud inside.

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