Saturday, August 8, 2009

Posts and Trusses are here

Posts and trusses arrived this week, I ordered the roof steel after the trusses arrived because the steel can be ordered to the correct length, I had to wait for the trusses so I could measure the the top cord and get that length correct. When the walls are up I will order that steel to the right length, it will save a lot of cutting and waste. If all goes well I will get a couple of posts in the ground today.When done the barn will be 24' by 40' with 14' sidewalls and a second floor for storing extra airstream parts.I am also leaving room on both sides for the additions later. With the bigger trusses the barn will be about 25' tall, should be enough room for the cruiser and maybe a friend to keep her company:-)
Jan's gardens are looking very good this year,I think they have gotten just enough rain. she has the yard looking like a park. We also did a little extra tree trimming in front of the barn.


  1. Doug,
    Can't wait to see the finished barn. I'm jealous as heck. Maybe this fall I'll take a trip up and see it in person.

  2. It all looks very nice; good job Doug (and Jan )! Also posting a PM via the Forums. Your place looks great!